Island Builders uses the the most eco-friendly construction material to protect our environment and SAVE YOU MONEY! You will save on the construction of your Cayman Islands building using superior green building materials but will realize savings for years to come. By maximizing R-values to achieve the ultimate insulation, your electrical power costs will be greatly reduced.

By utilizing the very latest in green building materials in the Cayman Islands, we strive to create Zero Energy Homes (ZEH), which can produce as much energy as they consume.

Our local utility provider - CUC in 2010 agreed to purchase back excess power created by solar or other user created energy, which opens the market for Cayman Island contractors to strive towards more renewal energy resources, which ultimately result in our customers having the option of paying a small fraction of the utility cost of other homes. In an island where power and water are highly precious commodities, green building practices save our customers a fortune!

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